June 13, 2017


There is some change in YS Jagan Mohan Reddy after his return from his family tour to London. The Leader of Opposition of AP is back in action and this time he is quite serious. As the next general elections could be anytime in 2018 or in early 2019, Jagan is prepping up for the big battle.

In run up to the election battle, Jagan is chalking out a clear strategy to win this battle with the assistance of Prashant Kishore, a well-known political strategist who played a key role behind the victory of PM Narendra Modi.

Apparently, in the list of points given by Prashant, Roja's 'bad' reputation is reportedly diminishing the party's image. Her loose tongue and her antics in various public places including Assembly, her language at opposition TDP leaders all said to had earned a bad name for YSRCP and Kishore told Jagan to correct it quickly before it could damage the party's prospects.

Even Jagan too said to have realised this and he is now looking for alternative spokespersons with clean image and who criticise the government constructively and corner the TDP.

This move by Jagan is seen as a major set back to loud-mouthed Roja who has been overplaying each and every issue which in turn is said to be gaining sympathy for the TDP.