July 11, 2017


Nivetha Thomas appears to be becoming fan of every hero she is acting with. She acted in Tamil film 'Papanasham' with Kamal Haasan. It is a remake of Malayalam super hit 'Drishyam'. From then onwards she is claiming herself to be Kamal Haasan fan. She entered Telugu films with Nani starrer 'Gentleman'.

When she was working on 'Gentleman', she told that Nani is her favourite hero. When she was probed deeper that .. she became a fan after acting with him.. she answered - "No.. I've been watching his films from long." She went on to act in another film 'Ninnu Kori' with her favourite hero again. 'Ninnu Kori' released recently and it turned out to be a hit at the box office. Nivetha received good appreciation for her beauty and acting in the film.

Nivetha is presently enjoying the success of the film. She is having chats in the social networking sites. During one of the chats, she has revealed an interesting thing again. She said that NTR is also her favourite hero. It is known that Nivetha is one of the heorines of NTR's upcoming film 'Jai Lava Kusa'. Whenever she was asked about JLK details she didn't talk about it saying that there is still time to talk about it. But she is saying that NTR is her favourite.

On the other hand, netizens are asking her whether her favourite hero list stops with NTR or it will grow endlessly.. because whenever she acts with a hero, she is saying that he is her favourite hero.