June 13, 2017


Writer-feminist-enterprenuer Varsha Bhargavi has complained to the Telangana GDP Anurag Sharma that a police constable at Jeedimetla police station caused her huge embarassment by fixing his sight on her chest when she approached them over a theft case.

In a tweet on her Twitter handle on June 6, Varsha posed a question to the DGP:

Why was the police constable in Jeedimetla PS kept his gaze fixed on my left breast while I was reporting theft?

A social activist, Varsha said she went to Jeedimetla police station to complain about a theft that took place at her father's place in Apurupa colony. While taking the details, one of the constables present at the moment, kept on gazing at my chest. It was so embarassing and I tried to divert his looks by changing my posture in various ways. He wouldn't mend his way and still kept on gazing at my left breast. I wore a full-sleeved shirt and pants and there was no hint of any indecency on my part. I was even completely tired that day as I was attending on my father at a hospital. The situation was serious as my dad's caretaker fled with money and other valuables. The constables, Shiva and Anji later came to my house to check the place as part of their investigation. And the constable continued his vulgar looks here also," she said.

However, Varsha was disappointed as there was no action on the constables even she posted the issue directly on the DGP's Twitter handle. Ironically, she got a call from DCP Janaki Sharmila who herself expressed helplessness about such gazes from her male colleagues.

Received a call from DCP Janaki Sharmila Ma'am who casually referred that she too gets similar gazes from her male colleagues

The mindset of the police personal needs to be changed drastically and they need to be trained in such a way, Varsha opines.