August 10, 2017


Vara Mahalakshmi pooja performed by Bangalore Development Authority broker Vara Mahalakshmi has caught the attention of the nation. This isn't because the rituals were carried out in a most appreciable manner but the bundles of cash & huge quantity of jewellery placed before God's portrait.

Suryanarayana told News Channels that he performs Vara Mahalakshmi pooja every year by placing the cash and jewellery withdrawn from family's bank accounts in front of the almighty. This is a practice he has been following since the past 10 years.

K Surya-narayana, is a broker and claims that all of the cash seen in the picture is his “hard-earned money”. He claimed that he had withdrawn Rs 88 lakh from his bank solely for the occasion and even produced the letter that he had written to the bank manager requesting for the same. And he claims he used 1.23 kilos of gold to decorate the puja room in his HSR Layout house.

Suryanarayana’s is a rags-to-riches story. The 37-year-old is the son of an auto driver and had humble beginnings. “I secured 20th rank (state wide) in tenth standard. After scoring good marks, I opted for diploma. As I didn’t have money, my principal BV Nagraj paid the entire fee. There was a time when people refused to give their house on rent to us as my father was an auto driver. However, we had a small site measuring 15x40 feet which we had bought it for Rs 1.8 lakh. We constructed a three-floor building at a cost of Rs 4 lakh. Luckily, a real estate owner bought the building for Rs 9.40 lakh and I invested the surplus money. I worked hard, using a TVS moped, and bought another two sites and sold them for a profit. That is how I got into the real estate business.”

In 2008, Suryanarayana made headlines in nearly all newspapers as his name figured in the infamous “alternative site” scam. He and his family had purchased at least 126 sites. The scam was simple: people bought sites in far-flung areas for a song, exchanged them with ones in prime areas at more or less the same rate – and a hefty bribe – from the BDA. The issue had rocked the Assembly then and opposition leaders alleged a nexus between BDA officials and agents. However,

Suryanarayana denied all the allegations; his name has been cleared, he claimed.

This year, he paid Rs 13 lakh in taxes and claims to

have assets worth Rs 15 crore. An RTI activist, however, put the value of assets at over Rs 500 crore.

“People are saying I have black money but the truth is I have valid documents for each and every rupee I have. The money is the fruit of my labour since 2002. I have constructed at least 40 houses till date; I am a real estate developer and I have designed many houses,” he told Bangalore Mirror.

He says that his biggest mistake was to upload the photos of himself celebrating Varamahalakshmi festival with his family. “I can’t tell you how much I regret doing it. I will never upload csuch photos again in my life,” he added.

Suryanarayana said allegations that he was close to BDA officials are all bunkum. “Please check the CCTV footage of BDA offices for the past two years. I have not been there for two years and have no business there.”