Young promising director Maruthi after having stupendous success with 'Bhale Bhale Magadivoy' he really got big chance with hero Venkatesh. Particularly for Telugu audience they always keep more faith in Venkatesh's story selection though he has not delivered any blockbuster since a long time.

Venkatesh's comedy timing and Maruthi mark funny humour naturally create more curiosity among fans and audience. That too this movie got huge pre-release publicity with nice trailer and too much media positive hype. Well this works out little contrary for the film and it could not reach the hype and expectations.

The major drawback of the film is nothing but the story. It has no novelty, very much predictable and too much routine and dragging. As a matter of fact the central plot of the film is thin and very weak. I wonder how could a senior and intelligent actor like Venkatesh said ok to this. Forget about the central plot still we can manage with comedy tracks but the only consolation in this entire film is comedian Pruthvi. The entire film can not be carried on his shoulder then how Venky put faith in this script only he can answer.

The problem with Tollywood is same and routine. If any comedian clicks then he will be used repeatedly with the same jokes and same tracks in each and every film. Yes we are frustrated with Bramhanadam and Ali and of course Pruthvi is new and fresh. His body language and most of his spoofs are working well but how long? At one particular point it does sound monotonous and tedious. Now Tollywood found one more easy and instant noodles like stuff, Jabardasht's comedians, in fact they are not even able to utilise them in proper channel.

If we get into story Venkatesh is an ACP of Hyderabad city. He is very kind and too much good guy. In their words he is like a Mother Teresa of contemporary days. He punishes the goons and shows lot of sympathy at them and get them cured in hospital too. Very strange.

He will be assigned a new case where Nayanthara's father is involved. In fact he is a fugitive Income Tax officer and he is on run by killing another officer. This is what MLA Posani Krishna Murali and his thug friend Sampath will create it to believe the media and the public. Without knowing the exact truth Venkatesh plans to nab him by becoming close to Nayanthara.

Meanwhile he will truly falls in love with Nayanthara. With the help of Pruthvi, Venkatesh becomes close to her and entire family. After few dramatic incidents Nayanthara comes to know that Venkatesh is a cop and he plans this sketch to nab her father. She starts hating Venkatesh.

Now how Venkatesh finds the truth about her father and punish the real culprits and gets back the Nayanthara's love is rest of the story.

Performances wise Venkatesh and Nayanthara are the best and their chemistry too is good. Pruthvi is the true oxygen for this flick. Posani Krishna Murali is too hilarious. Rest of the cast also did well but the story is weak so they have least to act.

Music of Ghibran is very good. Camera of Richard Prasad is above average. Technically it is a well made and richly presented but for the weak and predictable story and just an average comedy track and dragging second half, this movie did not live up to the expectation. It is just an one time watch flick if you have so much free time.

Overall it is a sure one time watch film. It has NTR and Mohanlal's emotional and power packed performances. It has message oriented noble intentions.

- Parvez Chowdhary