Director Satosh Srinivas, after giving a hit like 'Kandireega' with Ram and a flop movie 'Rabhasa' with NTR now came out with this comedy flick. It looks he has worked a lot for this film but the problem is it has very poor and unrealistic and too much cinematic story. This movie has few funny moments and many dragging scenes too.

Energetic star Ram has every quality to become a star and his screen presence is perfect. After his recent super hit flick 'Nenu Sailaja' he has matured a lot as an actor. His perfect timing and ease in dialogue delivery all his positive things are very well exploited by the director but the problem lies with the poor script. The central point is good but the story written around that plot is weak and dragging.

If we get into story, Satyaraj is an honest government officer. His son Ram loves him like anything. His life and everything is his father and his happiness only. This too much love for his dad sometimes go beyond limits. Minister Rao Ramesh is getting a shopping mall in prime location of Vizag but for the sake of safety reason Satyaraj does not sign the approval from the town planning commission.

This irritates the minister and it hurts his ego. He uses all the norms and tricks to get his work done but honest and adamant Satyaraj will not sign. Now the war begins between a govt officer and the powerful and notorious minister. Ram does everything to stop the minister but things go beyond control.

How Ram plans to stop minister and his evil designs and how he saves his father and protects the honesty of his father is the rest of the story.

The noble intention of the film is good but the execution of the movie is not upto the mark. Even the scenes between Ram and Rashi Khanna are too much unrealistic. A unknown guy says some silly reason and without any hesitation Rashi Khanna giving him ten thousand rupees is little difficult to digest. Not only this just like that spoiling a minister's political career is too much cinematic. Well it is the liberty of cinema so we should not question.

There are few funny comedy scenes too. You may like scenes of Rao Ramesh and Jai Prakash Reddy. Ram delivers a pacy and super energetic performance. Rashi Khanna looks hot and sexy. Satyaraj looks very dignified as a father and an officer.

Over all it is an average flick with few funny scenes here and there. If you are a Ram's fan then you may enjoy this flick. If you are looking for nice movie with little logic then it may not appeal you. If you want to kill some time and have nothing to do then only you can watch this.

- Parvez Chowdhary