Both NTR and Koratala Siva are exact in same line as both gave two consecutive hits and waiting to strike a hattrick. Nevertheless they can be confident now for their achievement to attain this milestone. This is not regular type Tollywood entertainer. It has fierce intensity and profound performances. Particularly the young tiger NTR has groomed further to become a complete actor. Of course highly talented Mohanlal gave one more eminent performance.

Director Koratala Siva after giving back to back blockbusters like Mirchi and Srimanthudu it is quite surprising to see his confidence that he has put full faith in this very serious emotional power packed action drama. His previous films have many comedy tracks and many comedians too. Strangely this film has no comedian and absolutely no funny and comedy scenes at all. Kudos to Koratala Siva's firm belief in this serious and intense film. We can say it is the Telugu answer to Godfather kinda movies.

NTR is famous for his clean and neat dialogue delivery and director knows his strength but Siva presented NTR perfectly into the frequency of modern and intelligent present generation. Very meaningful one liners which were perfectly delivered in typical NTR's style. The scenes between Mohanlal and NTR are excellently taken. Both have perfect chemistry. This movie strictly belongs to them. You can watch this film to see their peerless performances.

The drawbacks of the film is the two female protagonists. Both Samantha and Nithya Menon have nothing in this film. They have no connection with the main plot of the flick. They are just glamour dolls to fulfill the songs. One more big drawback the weak portrayal of villainy. When it comes to powerful intense subjects villain will be the strong pillar but here he looks vulnerable and most of scenes are easily predictable.

If we ignore the drawbacks of this flick you have fair reasons to see this film one time is strictly for the good content. Very noble intentions, clean message and memorable performances. We particularly the telugu audience should respect and say thanks to Koratala Siva that he never tried once in this entire film for self boasting of hero and his so called great family back grounds. Thanks to NTR who did not encourage for those unwanted dialogues. In fact there is lot of scope in this film for those kind of stuff but we should be very thankful and grateful to Koratala Siva and NTR. Shame on other directors and heroes whoever will encourage this filth.

If we get into story, Mohanlal and Rahman are brothers and both run Janatha Garage. Apart from repairing the cars and motor cycles they take care of normal public and their grievances. Whoever gets into trouble by powerful people they seek help from Mohanlal and he does it without fear of law and police. Consequently he almost becomes god in the eyes of poor and needy.

Mohanlal becomes such a popular guy that even CM will take his advises. Obviously rich and highly influenced builder and businessman Sachin Khedekar will become furious enemy to Mohan Lal as he was unable to run his ruthless business activities. He wanted to eliminate this Janatha Garage. He plans and eliminates Mohanlal's brother Rahman and his wife but their small infant will be escaped.

Mohanlal gives this infant to his uncle Suresh who takes him to Mumbai and brings him up there. He never reveals any of details about his parents and their family history in Hyderabad. NTR grows young and has too much love for nature and too much concern about global warming. He falls in love with his uncle's daughter Samantha.

Here in Hyderabad Mohanlal's son Unni Mukundan becomes very greedy and relentless guy. He falls in love with Sachin Khedekar's daughter and gets married to her without the acceptance of his father. He join hands with Sachin Khedekar and helps him in his ruthless activities.

NTR comes to Hyderabad and comes to know about a constriction of a quarry and vacating of two villages by Mohanlal's son. NTR obstructs it and chase them out. Here Mohanlal comes to know about NTR and asks his help to run his Janatha Garage to help poor and needy. NTR likes this noble work and how he runs Janatha Garage and how he eliminates SAchin Khedekar is the rest of the story which you have to see on screen only.

Devi Sri Prasad back ground music is amazing and which gives more momentum to many intense scenes. Tirru camera is good but Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao editing should have been more effective.

Overall it is a sure one time watch film. It has NTR and Mohanlal's emotional and power packed performances. It has message oriented noble intentions.

- Parvez Chowdhary