Talented hero Karthi's first look created sensation among audience and expectations were pretty high. It is not surprising fact that few innocent audience almost expected one more 'Baahubali' range flick. Whatever Karthi's get up and the poster was amazing and outstanding. The moral of the story is too much hype and misguided publicity rather became villain of this movie.

Many comedy scenes, perfect Karthi's comedy timing made first half watchable. In fact second half which has highly anticipated flash back turned out to be easily predictable routine stuff. We have seen many of these scenes except few good graphics and funny acting of Karthi. The sensual beauty Nayantara was not utilised properly. Her scenes are very much routine and usual stuff. Director Gokul forgot the fact that most of South Indian audience are exhausted watching horror comedies and it almsot reached to saturation point unless until you have come with truly creative stuff.

If we get into story, movie starts from a remote place where a small girl with unusual make up performing some pooja and informs that the most deadly and barbaric soul is reincarnating after 800 years. That is a bad omen for the world.

Then story comes to our city(Chennai and Hyderabad) where Kashmora (Karthi), with this unique and unusual name, he use to dupe people. His father Vivek and his entire family are fraud. They deceive people for their ignorance and their blind believe in black magic and other superstitions. Karthi became very popular by obliging the public as if he can talk to souls and spirits and he can get rid of all the bad spirits from their houses. His TV show on these evil spirits become a big hit and he gets quite popular.

Sri Divya who is doing her thesis on this subject is going after these tantriks. She happens to meet Karthi and looking for the right time to expose him in the public. Meanwhile a police officer become one more devotee of Karthi for his smart trick. One more minister becomes one more victim of Karthi who keeps his five crore money and other property documents at Karthi's place where they run away with all this. Naturally minister and his goons desperately going after Karhti and his family.

Meanwhile a man comes to meet Karthi and seeks his help to get rid of so many souls and evil spirits from his old palace. His tempting offer forces Karthi to visit that palace which is heavily haunted one. Here the twist starts. Karthi and his family are confined by the most dangerous soul of Raj Nayak(Karthi) who was killed and cursed by then princess Ratna Mahadevi(Nayantara) 800 years ago.

Raj Nayak was ruthless and killed thousands of people for his war fanaticism and he is too much lusty for women too. His lust continues to own the beautiful Ratna. To own her he kills her father and her younger bother too but Ratna traps him and beheads him and get killed by him too. What happens once that evil soul reincarnates? How Karhti and his family can be rescued you have to see on screen only.

Well, this is not very interesting story but there are very funny and entertaining comedy scenes here and there. Karhti is hilarious in few scenes. Nayantara is just ok as she has not much scope to act. Sri Divya is good but hardly has role to perform. Santhosh Narayanan music is just an average but his back ground score is too much loud and good in parts. Om Prakash camera is just below average.

Over all it is a silly and funny film in parts. If you are Karthi fan then you can watch it once. If you want to see an very interesting film then it is your own risk to watch it. If you have no other work to do then go and enjoy this silly and funny flick.

- Parvez Chowdhary