We all know Prakash Raj is an immensely talented actor but for variety of reasons he did not succeed much as a director. This time luck favours him. The real credit of this film should be given to Joy Mathew. He has provided an unconventional and innovative script. As a director Prakash Raj presented it on the screen with overwhelming honesty. Not only this as a main protagonist Prakash Raj once again proved that he is the gem of South Indian film industry.

The unique quality of this film is it difficult to judge whether it is a art film or commercial film. It has every merit to get qualified as an intellectual cinema at the same time it has all enough ingredients to be a entertaining cinema. Truly Prakash Raj erased the line and boundary between main stream cinema and off beat cinema. It is a welcome move and as true movie lovers we wish this movie to mint some money at Box-Office. So that we can expect more this kind of movies in future too.

If we get into story, it is simple and realistic. Prakash Raj is a VIP in that small town and he has all the qualities of a typical egoistic and chauvinistic person like millions of people in our society. He has a typical wife and a 19 year old and 10 year old daughters. Like most of routine fathers he does not believe girls to study but should get married in teenage and settle as only house wife.

There is friction between him and his elder daughter who has very progressive minded. Prakash Raj is a person who can die for the so called respect in the society. There will be a small fight in the house between his daughter and him. This hurts him a lot and he goes out and have some drinks with his friends. Meanwhile his most trusty and obedient auto driver Satyadev goes to bring one more bottle of Rum, on their way a call girl Priyamani happens to stand in that centre hunting for customers.

Prakash Raj in intoxication get attracted towards her and forces his auto driver to arrange her. Here starts the real problems. As a decent family man Prakash Raj does not familiar with these kind of girls and gets panic with the situation. Meanwhile auto driver keep them in a shop room just besides of Prakash Raj house and tell them he will return in one hour.

Unfortunately auto driver gets arrested in drink and drive case. It is a tricky situation that both Prakash Raj and Priyamani gets trapped in that room. How they get out of this situation is the rest of the story.

Performances are concerned everyone delivered astonishing performances. Priyamani is good. Particularly comedian Prudhviraj has given very serious and highly potential performance. He has proven his stuff as a serious and amazing actor too. Satyadev as auto driver truly excels.

Ilaiyaraaja, after a long time gave superb music. BGM is the life of this film. This movie proved that how to make a decent film in tiny budget.

I strongly recommend this film and go and watch this remarkable film. It has great comedy and entertainment value. It is a perfectly watch. A brilliant film.

- Parvez Chowdhary