Quite Obvious when it comes to remake films the comparison is unavoidable. That too when it comes to a biggest blockbuster film with super classic touch then micro-scrutiny is quite normal. In fact Malayalam Premam was made with 4 crore budget but it collected 60 crore then you can imagine the stamina of the stamina of this flick. Most of film buffs and movie lovers from film industry might have seen this film. Including myself we all enjoyed watching original Malayalam version and we are very curious to see the Telugu version.

Honestly speaking it is impossible to re create the same magic of original one but director took lot of strain to reach that level and sure certain extent he succeeded too. They chopped off many scenes and reduced the duration and edited 20 minutes of original one. Well the re-cooking is good and it will sure appeal to Telugu audience. It has many fair elements above all this this movie is a biggest boost in Naga Chiatanya's dull career. This movie truly made him as an actor and we have to see how much box-office success to reach big stardom.

The chemistry between Naga Chaitanya and Madonna Sebastian is amazing but sad part is the lead protagonist Shruti Haasan and Chaitu's chemistry is not upto the mark like in original version between Navin Pauly and Sai Pallavi. Their chemistry was awesome and memorable for a long time. Ok let us stop the comparisons and debate the merits of the present one.

If we get into the main story, it is a story of a young guy Vikram (Naga Chaitanya) and the so many twists in his life. In his sweet sixteen he falls in love with a girl Hema (Anupama Parameswaran), The first crush or his teenage infatuation or love at sight whatever you name it he will be into deep. He tries his best to woo her and follow her every moment. One fine day she talks to him and asks his help for her her as she is in love with a boy whom she meets in Yahoo messenger chat.

This is the first pain and sad ending of his maiden love story. Later in Engineering college he life has lot of thrills for his energetic youthful adventures. Vikram maintains his gang and always stay upper in every endeavour. Here he meets Sitara madam (Shruti Haasan), his lecturer and who hails for Pune. Again it is his love at first sight. He falls into love and his smart and gutsy nature attracts Sitara. Though it is unethical of love between student and teacher they both fall in love. She supports him and encourages him in many issues. One fine day she meets an accident and she loses her memory and forgets Vikram.

This will be an another shock in Vikram's life. After 5 years, Vikram becomes more matured and starts a own restaurant and his special talent in cooking makes his restaurant more famous one in the city. He is a more dignified and workaholic now. Here comes one more surprise in his life he meets stunning looking girl whom he knows as a small girl in his childhood. When she discloses that she has special liking for him right from those childhood days again love blossoms.

Now again Vikram feels so much love for her and when he gets ready to propose her she drops one more bomb as she is engaged as her parents arranged this marriage proposal. Again story repeats as it has been happening in Vikram's life. Well what will happen and how Vikram gets his love success you have to see on screen only.

Performances are concerned Naga Chaitanya gave his life time performance. He is childish, mischievous and very matured and dignified. He showed perfectly all these different shades in his role. Shruti is as usual looking stunning but her role is not well defined comparatively the original version. Madonna Sebastian is awesome and showed good potential to stay more in telugu industry.

Young director Chandoo Mondeti made fair changes in the scripts to suit native audience and the punches are very funny and very much contemporary too. The real appreciation to cinematography. Karthik Ghattamaneni's camera work is splendid and spectacular. He showed every frame very rich and elegant. This one area this film stands more authentic than original one.

Over all it is a well made and richly presented flick. It has so many feel good moments. Performances are pretty good and jokes are very contemporary. This movie has all the qualities to become a hit. Luckily it has no big competition from any big film for this season. Go and enjoy this film.

- Parvez Chowdhary