Obviously audience expect full length power packed action scenes, politically motivated punch dialogues. Exact that is what again he presented in this flick but the only difference is Allu Arjun. As a matter of fact Arjun has certain class apart from that he has amazing ease to adjust any role to match up to his perfect body language. He is such rare star among his contemporaries who has every talent to be a complete actor.

The real tragedy with this film is when you have such a brilliant actor like Arjun but you are coming out with same old stuff. Very thin storyline, very predictable screenplay and many times used over the top and hugely exaggerated heroism spoil the spirit of the film. Boyapati should have update himself with some new stuff with highly talented Arjun. Is it truly unfortunate that Boyapati does repeat the same old formula again. Telugu films are changing, experimental and creative concepts are flooding and new age Telugu audience are appreciating at box-office too.

If we get into story, Allu Arjun is a military returned army guy and the son of senior IAS officer. Allu Arjun helps every vulnerable soul who suffers in the hands of brutal and corrupted society. Ajrun's uncle Srikath is an advocate but helps every act of Arjun and adores him like his own son.

Frustrated with Arjun's behaviour, his father sends him to see a girl(Rakul Preet Singh) of his childhood friend Sai Kumar so that Arjun may change after getting married. In between Arjun falls in love with local MLA, Catherine Tresa. Arjun woos around this young pretty MLA but things suddenly take big twist when Arjun goes to Rakul's Village.

The notorious and ruthless Aadi who happens to be CM's son, threatening Sai Kumar to capture his land and other villager's entire land for his business. His men kidnaps Rakul but without knowing the real details Arjun kicks all his goons and save Rakul from them. Furious Aadi goes on killing spree and massacres the villagers.

Rakul comes to Allu Arjun for the protection. Here things change more dramatically and how Arjun conquers his political career and over power him and decimate him is the rest of the story.

As far as performances are concerned, sure this film belongs to one and only Allu Arjun. He has shown his other side of powerful action hero. His mesmerizing dances and amazing stunts with his hard hitting muscular physique. unfortunately Boyapati failed to exploit his bewildering acting abilities. Allu Arjun surely deserves better script than this. Poor Rakul has nothing to do expect two songs.

Catherine Tresa is looking awesome and she has better comedy scenes too and she sizzles in her song too. Popular Tamil hero Aadi(director Raviraja Pinisetti's son) tried his best to shine in a anti protagonist's role but his body language and his face did not support him much. He should stick to positive roles only. Srikanth is good in his role. Bramhanandam again bores you with his routine stuff.

Technical performances are concerned, Taman's music, boring, routine and somewhat irritating too but his back ground score is better. Camera of Rishi Punjanbi too below average.

Over all it is a typical Boyapati mark masala action film. Predictable scenes, weak screenplay, bad comedy will spoil this flick to a great extent. If any saving point in this movie, it is only Allu Arjun. His dances and powerful stunts are amazing. If you are a Arjun fan then you can enjoy this film, if not then it may test your patience.

- Parvez Chowdhary